June 2015

Controversial… Provocative… Must Read!

Controversial… Provocative… 

Must read!

Move Up: Why Some Cultures Advance While Others Don’t
A full house greets Fellows Dr. Gilbert Rapaille and Dr. Andres Roemer at the Royal Society of Arts, as Natalie Nicholles chairs the panel discussion for the launch of their new book.


Move Up Why Some Cultures Advance While Others Don’t, was published by Penguin in the UK and has received endorsements from Richard Dawkins, a world-renowned evolutionary biologist and emeritus fellow at New College, Oxford, Stephen Pinker, a Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard, and Paul Bloom, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University.

The two authors also presented their ideas at Second Home, an innovative workspace for today’s nomadic entrepreneurs, situated just off of London’s trending Brick Lane.

Only two days after it’s publication, it became a bestseller on amazon.co.uk.  Dr. Roemer presented the book to the Duke of York

who liked it and mentioned it on Twitter.

Are you ready to Move Up?

We invite you to read the book…

Dr. Rapaille and Dr. Roemer discussing Move Up with Natalie Nicholles
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