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The Code for Africa

A Syndicated Discovery

There is more to Africa than Ebola and Boko Haram.

It is time to awaken the potential of Africa’s markets:

Nigeria has an annual growth of 7%!

Today, we are embarking on a new discovery.

Join us, in decoding Africa!

Africa is the new China…

And yet the Chinese are already ahead of the game

Africa-highly detailed map.Layers used.

A complex

continent in complete transformation

An emerging middle class

One billion potential customers 

Build your Africa Action Plan now!


3 countries in Africa – Join now to request a market 

(Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, & Angola are being considered)




How Much:

  $155,000 USD

Join now for $ 125,000 (Valid until May 1st)

10 years ago, Archetype Discoveries Worldwide discovered the Code for China.

This code was successfully implemented by P&G, Chrysler, Pernod Ricard, Boeing, GM. Estee

Lauder, DuPont, Master Card, Hearts on Fire, and Richemont.

Don’t let your competitors get to your customers first! 

Archetype Discoveries Worldwide

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